Magic Mitch
Magic Mitch says, "Even though Humphrey ruined my magic show, I will share one of my secret magic tricks with you.
You should be able to do it at home with a little practice."
Put a coin and a magic wand (you can make your own) on a table at your right side.

Take the coin in your right hand and show it to your audience.

Look down at the wand on the table and act as if you want to pick it up. But you can't.

Pretend to move the coin to your left hand but keep it in your right hand. Keep your eyes on the wand and the audience will, too. And keep that patter going!

Pick up the wand with the right hand - which also holds the coin. Turn your attention to the left closed fist.

Tap your left fist with the wand and say "Hocus Pocus."

Open your left hand slowly. Act surprised that the coin is gone. Your audience is sure to be amazed!