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Take the Humphrey Trivia Test and find out!
(Answers below. Don't peek or Humphrey will squeak at you!)

 1) Aldo is 's uncle.
 2) Ms. Mac moved to .
 3) Clem is 's dog.
 4) What trick can Aldo do?
 5) Mrs. Brisbane's first name is .
 6) Mr. Brisbane's first name is .
 7) What costume did Humphrey wear on Halloween?
 8) always gets a 100% on spelling tests.
 9) and his family watched a lot of T.V.
10) let Humphrey out of his cage in the classroom.
11) is the Most Important Person at Longfellow School.
12) Ms. Mac got Humphrey at what store?
13) Miranda had a second pet. What was it?
14) Mr. Morales and his children got Humphrey back in his cage by using these treats:
15) What did Aldo give Maria for Christmas?

1) Richie Rinaldi, 2) Brazil, 3) Miranda, 4) Balance a broom on one finger, 5) Sue, 6) Bert, 7) Ghost, 8) Sayeh, 9) A.J., 10) Garth, 11) Principal Morales, 12) Pet-O-Rama, 13) Fanny the fish, 14) Sunflower seeds, 15) Engagement ring

Your score:
15 correct - You know more about Humphrey than he does!
12-14 correct - You must be a student in Room 26!
11-13 correct - Still good enough to be teacher's pet!
10-12 correct - Have you been watching too much T.V.?
7-9 correct - You'll have to stay after class today.
3-6 correct - Humphrey is feeling SAD-SAD-SAD
0-2 correct - Try reading the book. You'll like it!