Valentines Anagrams
An anagram is a word or phrase formed by changing the order of the letters of another word of phrase.
Below are some anagrams of the word "Valentines," which are a part of the story of FRIENDSHIP ACCORDING TO HUMPHREY.

A Snivel Net
(but what do you do with a snivel when you catch it?)

Alien Vents
(Eeek! The aliens coming out of the vents! Run!)

Save Ten Nil
("Nil" means nothing, so if you save ten of nothing you get nothing!)

Latin Seven
(Hey - the Latin word for seven is "septem.")

Anvil Tense
(Falling anvils make me very tense)

van Nestle
(I think he sat in back of me in English class)

Seal Vet Inn
(Maybe you can only stay there if you are a doctor who cares for seals)

Last Eve Inn
(Hmm... I don't think I want to stay at a place that will be my last evening ever)

An Evil Nest
(I'm definitely not staying there!)

At Elves Inn
(Sounds nice and fun ... I wonder it it's at the North Pole?)

Aunt Elvis Ne
(Everybody should have an Auntie Elvis!)

Share Rhymes Thump
(So, whether your rhymes thump or not, share them!)