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New Humphrey Art

Brand new covers and illustrations by Jason Chapman!

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Tiny Tales
Humphrey's Tiny Tales is a series of shorter Humphrey adventures with illustrations, published exclusively in the UK by Faber and Faber. Illustrated by Penny Dann

My Playful Puppy ProblemMy Really Wheely Racing Day
Humphrey and Winky get their own cool hamster cars - but who will win the really wheely race?

My Playful Puppy ProblemMy Playful Puppy Problem
Humphrey has loved helping Richie with his science project, but then Richie's new dog bounds in and ruins all their hard work! If only Humphrey can keep that playful puppy away, he has a GREAT-GREAT-GREAT idea to save the day, but will it work? He's in for a close call and another fur-raising adventure! Illustrated throughout with black and white line illustrations by Penny Dann.

My Great Big Birthday BashMy Great Big Birthday Bash
Humphrey's invited to Kirk's birthday party - but why is everything backwards? And what's the big surprise everyone's whispering about? Humphrey wants to know!

My Treasure Hunt TroubleMy Treasure Hunt Trouble
Garth is having a treasure hunt party for his friends.... but only Humphrey knows that the treasure has been stolen!

My Pet Show Panic My Pet Show Panic
Humphrey's worried that he'll disappoint his classmates if he doesn't win a prize at the local pet show, but in the end, he has to worry about a lot more than winning. He has to worry about getting home in one piece!

My Summer Fair SurpriseMy Summer Fair Surprise
Humphrey is HAPPY-HAPPY-HAPPY when he finds out that Longfellow School is having a summer fair... until he learns that he won't be part of it. Instead of missing out on the fun, Humphrey ends up with a fur-raising adventure that surprises everyone ... especially him!

My Creepy-Crawly Camping AdventureMy Creepy-Crawly Camping Adventure
Humphrey goes home with Heidi for a camping night in her garden with some of her friends. He's unsqueakably excited, even though he's heard about the creepy-crawly things outside. But the boys next door are camping out too, and when night comes, shivery, quivery things start to happen!

Here are some other Humphrey books available in the U.K.
Humphrey's Bumper Book of Tiny Tales 2Humphrey's Bumper Book of Tiny Tales 2
Includes: My Great Big Birthday Bash, My Treasure Hunt Trouble, My Playful Puppy Problem, My Really Wheely Racing Day

Humphrey's Book of Summer FunHumphrey's Book of Summer Fun
Celebrate summer with a GREAT-GREAT-GREAT activity book!

Bumper Book of Humphrey's Tiny TalesBumper Book of Humphrey's Tiny Tales
Includes: My Pet Show Panic, My Summer Fair Surprise, My Creepy-Crawly Camping Adventure, and brand new: My Mixed-Up Magic Trick

Humphreys Ho Ho Ho Humphrey's Book of Christmas Fun
'Tis the season for Humphrey's holiday activities!

Humphreys Ho Ho Ho Humphrey's Ho Ho Ho Book of Stories
School According to Humphrey, Mysteries According to Humphrey, Christmas According to Humphrey in one volume!

Humphrey's World of Pets Humphrey's World of Pets
A comprehensive guide to the care of a wide variety of pets ... with jokes and fun activities.

Humphrey's Book of FUN-FUN-FUN Humphrey's Book of FUN-FUN-FUN
An unsqueakably delightful activity book!

Humphrey's Book of HA-HA-HA Jokes Humphrey's Book of HA-HA-HA Jokes
Over 400 jokes to keep you laughing.

Humphrey's BIG-BIG-BIG Book of Stories Humphrey's BIG-BIG-BIG Book of Stories
Includes The World According to Humphrey, Friendship According to Humphrey, Trouble According to Humphrey

Humphrey's BIG-BIG-BIG Book of Stories Humphrey's GREAT-GREAT-GREAT Book of Stories
Includes Surprises According to Humphrey, More Adventures According to Humphrey, Holidays According to Humphrey

U.K. Honors
The World According to Humphrey - a Richard and Judy Book
Adventure According to Humphrey - 2008 World Book Day Book
My Creepy Crawly Camping Adventure - a Richard and Judy Book
My Treasure Hunt Trouble - 2011 World Book Day Book