MY BOOKS: Imagination According to Humphrey
Imagination According to Humphrey
I have so many great ideas, All through the day. But when it's time to write them down – poof! They've flown away
That's what Humphrey writes in his little notebook after Mrs. Brisbane gives the class what sounds like a simple writing assignment.

Imaginations are running wild in Mrs. Brisbane's class, but Humphrey is stumped. His friends write about where they would go if they could fly, but Humphrey is HAPPY-HAPPY-HAPPY right where he is in Room 26.

It's pawsitively easy for Humphrey to picture exciting adventures with dragons and knights in the story Mrs. Brisbane is reading aloud. He has no trouble coming up with Plans to help his friends and tricks to entertain them. His imagination even goes a little too far when he wonders if Carlos's imaginary friend might actually be a ghost!

If only his imagination wouldn't disappear when he tries to write. Luckily, Humphrey likes a challenge, and Mrs. Brisbane has lots of writing tips that do the trick.

By the end of the book, Humphrey offers a list of his own top writing tips – something no budding writer should miss!