What is One School One Book (OSOB)?
One School One Book and One School One District is a movement designed to get an entire school community - including parents - involved in the joy of reading. Each family gets a copy of the selected book. Following a shared schedule, the families read at home together. In the classroom, there are daily events and projects that reinforce the reading and get everyone at school excited about the book. From trivia quizzes, to art, music and drama events, everyone shares the reading experience. Often the entire staff - from lunch ladies to the principal - are involved. Events such as plays, dances, and family nights promote the OSOB event and encourage reading on all levels.

OSOB According To Humphrey
Several hundred schools have already used The World According to Humphrey and other Humphrey books. Humphrey has been a popular OSOB choice because he appeals to boys and girls equally and reaches a wide age range from K-6. In addition, the helpful hamster models good behavior both inside and outside of the classroom setting – and makes readers feel HAPPY-HAPPY-HAPPY!

I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE One School One Book! If you're planning an event where each family in the school will be reading Humphrey, I can provide you with a personalized letter to the school community as well as a free video. contact me here.

How can you promote your own One School One Book project ?

One School One Book GET ATTENTION

Denti Elementary School, Rome, NY
Get Attention
The more people in the community who know about the OSOB event, the better! Local press coverage gives your event importance.

Book month has Rome Students on the same page

Redding Pilot

One School One Book GET TALKING
McQuerry Elementary School, Odessa, MO

Get Talking
Promote the event on the school website. An all-school blog is great!

Odessa R-VII

Black Hawk Elementary


School Board participates at Weems Elementary School, Manassas, VA

Get The Community Involved
Let everyone know what you're doing and get them involved. The School Board can read aloud to the student body, as well as local high school students, firefighters and other community leaders.

Weems Elementary OSOB Event

Manassas Patch

One School One Book GET EXCITED
Booth Hill Elementary School, Shelton, CT

Get Excited
Many schools build suspense leading up to the revelation of the book selected. Sometimes there are clues revealed in the previous week.

Or some schools have a "Big Reveal" or launch assembly. The more excited the students are, the more involved the families will be.

Check out:
Lakeview Elementary School, Robbinsdale, MN

One School One Book GET CREATIVE
Kindergarten teacher Lori Holland dressed as Humphrey, Cameron Elementary School, Cameron, NC

Get Creative
Daily trivia quizzes with prizes, artwork competitions, plays and songs written by students all lend to the excitement. The sky's the limit on OSOB creativity - and everybody's in on the fun!

Check out an all-school video:
Maple According To Humphrey

One School One Book GET CREATIVE
Humphrey graphs the progress of students in Cameron, NC as they work toward the goal of reading 2,500,000 words

Maple Elementary School, Painesville, OH.

Get The Whole School Involved
The more the merrier: that's the key to a successful OSOB event.

Here's another school video:
Cub Run Elementary, Penn Laird, VA

One School One Book GET OUT and ABOUT
Get Out And About
Home-based activities increase parental involvement. Many students take home the class "Humphrey" (a stuffed toy or cut-out) for the weekend and take pictures of his experiences.

Get More Informed
There's a wonderful group called readtothem.org offering advice and information on how to successfully carry off an OSOB event. Check out their website.

Please Share
Schools are always looking for suggestions for their OSOB events. If there's something that particularly worked for you, a photo to share or a video link, please share here.