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MY BOOKS: School Days According to Humphrey
School Days According to Humphrey
After an unsqueakably fun summer at camp, Humphrey can't wait to get back to Room 26 and see all his familiar classmates. But something fur-raising happens on the first day of school: instead of his old friends, Mrs. Brisbane's room is filled with strangers. Humphrey wonders why his teacher won't tell them the truth: they're in the wrong room!

While Humphrey gets to know the new students, he wonders what happened to his old friends. Where could they be? What could have happened to them?

It's a big mystery for a small hamster to solve, but little by little, his nightly adventures help him piece together the answer and he sees a dark side of his school he's never seen before.

There's a whole lot of shaking going on in Room 26 as well, with the mysterious new Rockin' Aki ... Mrs. Wright and her whistle ... and the worry that maybe, just maybe, Humphrey is going to be replaced!

Meanwhile, Humphrey has his paws full as he learns that these strange students need a helpful classroom hamster just as much as his old friends ... maybe even more!

Meet the new class:

Slow-Down-Simon Morgenstern
Stop-Giggling Gail's younger brother, whom Humphrey met at her house and at summer camp, shows up in Room 26. He's always on the GO-GO-GO. Can Humphrey help him SLOW-SLOW-SLOW down?

Forgetful-Phoebe Pratt
She's as nice as a girl can be, but she can't ever seem to remember to bring in her homework.

She's accident prone (to say the least)! If only Humphrey could help her learn to think before she acts.

Small-Paul Fletcher
Humphrey knows Small-Paul because he started coming in for math class the previous school year. Now he's in Room 26 all the time, which would be fine except for:

Tall-Paul Green
He's the tallest boy in the class. Can being tall be just as trying as being small - or even worse?

Hurry-Up-Harry Ito
Harry and his family are NICE-NICE-NICE but no one - not even Mrs. Brisbane - can get them to show up on time. Humphrey may have to take things into his own paws.

Rolling-Rosie Rodriguez
Rosie wouldn't let a little thing like a wheelchair keep her from having fun. But could Rolling-Rosie turn out to be Reckless-Rosie as well?

Holly loves to help her teacher and her classmates, which is a good thing. But could too much of a good thing turn her into Too-Helpful-Holly?

Thomas T. True
Thomas is full of interesting stories and ideas. But are they true or just tall tales?

Just-Joey Jones
Joey's a simple guy with a big smile. But could he be a little sad inside? Humphrey's just the friend to find out.

School According to Humphrey
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