MY BOOKS: Spring According to Humphrey
secrets According to Humphrey

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As the snowy world slowly changes and signs of spring begin to appear, the Room 26 family is growing. Just-Joey receives some strange specks, which turn out to be tadpoles that will turn into frogs. Will they look like Og? And does the class really need any more pets? Humphrey's busy soothing his new friend Gigi's worries about her role as a classroom pet, and he also helps Mrs. Brisbane come up with a hamster-iffic circus act for Family Fun Night.

Then his classmates start working on their family trees, leading Humphrey to wonder if he even has a family. But by the time spring is in full bloom, Humphrey realizes that all the friends he's made since coming to Longfellow School just might be the BEST-BEST-BEST family he could ask for.