MY BOOKS: Summer According to Humphrey
Summer According to Humphrey

Humphrey loves living in Room 26 of Longfellow School, so he's unsqueakably upset when Mrs. Brisbane announces that the end of school is coming! What does a classroom pet do when there's no more school? Humphrey soon finds out as his beloved Ms. Mac whisks Og and him off to Camp Happy Hollow for the summer.

Some of his friends from school are there, and there are new kids to get to know, as well as Jake the Snake and Lovey-Dovey, an injured bird. There's plenty of fun as Humphrey meets a wild mouse named Goldenrod ... goes onstage at the Comedy Club ... and participates in the Clash of the Cabins.

But there are strange and scary things at camp, too. Like owls, bats, a place called Haunted Hollow ... and something called The Howler.

In his greatest adventure yet, Humphrey finds out that summer camp is a WILD-WILD-WILD experience!

"This is a perfect read ... A heart-warming mix of friendship lessons and brilliant adventure. If this is the quality of this series at the sixth entry, count me in."
  John Lloyd, Bookbag

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