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The Humphreyville Herald
Trouble According to Humphrey
Unlocked cage door is still a mystery; a cloud of suspicion hangs over one student.

The good news: The students of Room 26 have built a model community and named it Humphreyville in honor of their beloved classroom pet.

The bad news: When Humphrey escapes from his cage, he sets off a chain of events that has serious consequences for one of his favorite friends, Golden Miranda. In order to make things right for her, he'll have to give up his treasured freedom.

Meanwhile, Humphrey has to help Sit-Still-Seth learn to settle down, and come to the aid of Don't-Complain-Mandy-Payne, even though her family is behind a battle to get Humphrey banned from Room 26 forever!

It's up to Humphrey to solve the problems of Room 26, but only if he survives the perilous train ride of a lifetime, thanks to Pay-Attention-Art. The question remains: how much TROUBLE can one little hamster get into?

Health issues arise

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TROUBLE ACCORDING TO HUMPHREY is now on the New Mexico Land of Enchantment award list for 2010-2011.

"Fans as well as readers new to the series will be entertained by Humphrey's escapades, which are related in a lively, first-person narrative, laced with humor, heart, and hamster facts."

"The tiny hamster with a big heart is back. Humphrey is serious about his job as classroom pet for the students of Room 26. He loves his humans and always offers a helping paw when possible. This penchant for good deeds often leads the frisky little philosopher on perilous adventures. In this latest of three lively outings, big troubles descend on Room 26. ...In his characteristically upbeat way, Humphrey offers wise tidbits on tackling life's inevitable troubles."
  Kirkus Reviews

"His escapades teach honesty, responsibility, and the consequences of actions. Essential reading for students who already love Humphrey."
  School Library Journal

The fourth book of Humphrey's adventures, is now out!
Rumor has it that Humphrey will experience one surprise after another in SURPRISES ACCORDING TO HUMPHREY!