Humphrey and I have been on the move! We’ve moved from a writing house nestled in a ya New York City! We love both places and we still have a big backyard across from Riverside Park, right on the Hudson River. And we’ve arrived just in time for the 20 th anniversary of The World According to Humphrey!

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What’s new at Longfellow School?

First, a dog joins Humphrey and friends in Room 26. But it’s not just any dog – it’s a reading dog! Really? Dogs can read?

Next, a classmate’s grandmother’s precious pet pup goes missing. Doggone it! And another student suddenly gets a new dog with an unknown past and some unsqueakably unusual talents.

It’s up to one small classroom hamster to solve these fur-raising mysteries – with a little help from an ice cream truck and the whole school community – and bring happiness back to Room 26!

The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs now in paperback The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs
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"A boy's journey of discovery reminds us that extraordinary things can happen in the most ordinary of places, even Sassafras Springs.
Atheneum, ages 9-12

"A gem of a novel ..." Publisher's Weekly starred review

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