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Shorter Humphrey chapter books llustrated by Priscilla Burris.
Available in hardcover and paperback

"New readers will be HAPPY-HAPPY-HAPPY to see this promising new series." Kirkus Reviews
Humphrey's Big Birthday Bash
Humphrey's Birthday Bash
Kirk invites the class to his super-fun backward birthday bash, where everything is backward, including clothes! The kids in Room 26 have a great time, but they are sad when they realize that Humphrey, Og, and Ms. Brisbane aren't on the birthday calendar. Everyone starts whispering and Humphrey thinks he knows what they're planning--a birthday celebration for Ms. Brisbane! But Humphrey is in for a BIG-BIG-BIG surprise!
Humphrey's Pet Show Panic
Humphrey's Pet Show Panic
Humphrey REALLY-REALLY-REALLY wants to win a prize at the pet show for his friends in Room 26. His squeaks and swings impress the judges. But when his tricks also catch the attention of a furry, toothy dog who noses a little too close, Humphrey must perform his best trick yet to stay safe!

Humphrey's Treasure Hunt Trouble
Humphrey's Treasure Hunt Trouble
Humphrey is excited to guard the treasure chest prize for A.J.'s backyard treasure hunt. But when it is stolen in the night, will he be able to solve the whodunit?

Humphrey's Mixed up Magic Trick
Humphrey's Mixed up Magic Trick
Humphrey is happy to be Miranda's assistant when she shows the class some amazing magic tricks. But when it looks like one might go terriblly wrong, is Humphrey up to the job of fixing it?

Humphrey's School Fair Surprise
Humphrey's School Fair Surprise
Longfellow School's fair is coming! Besides the usual bouncy castles, sponge-throwing games and painted faces, there will be a contest for best class spirit. Everyone in Room 26 agrees that Humphrey and Og make their class extra special and they want them to come to the fair, too.

Humphrey's Creepy Crawly Camping Adventure
Humphrey's Creepy Crawly Camping Adventure
Humphrey is excited to join the backyard camping night at Heidi's house, but the prank-loving boys next door are determined to prove that girls are scaredy cats. It's a good thing that Humphrey has a few pranks of his own!

Humphrey's Playful Puppy Problem
Humphrey's Playful Puppy Problem
Humphrey has loved helping Richie with his science project, but then Richie's new dog bounds in and ruins all their hard work! If only Humphrey can keep that playful puppy away, he has a GREAT-GREAT-GREAT idea to save the day, but will it work? He's in for a close call and another fur-raising adventure!

Humphrey's Really Wheely Racing Day
Humphrey's Really Wheely Racing Day
When Humphrey gets to drive his hamster friend Winky's car, he loves it. He has a fun hamster wheel and even a ball to roll in, but now he wishes he could have a car of his own. Could a really wheely surprise be in his future?

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U.K. Honors
The World According to Humphrey - a Richard and Judy Book
Adventure According to Humphrey - 2008 World Book Day Book
My Creepy Crawly Camping Adventure - a Richard and Judy Book
My Treasure Hunt Trouble - 2011 World Book Day Book